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Policy statement: Leadership and Management of Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering Services

This document sets out the key principles of effective and productive leadership and management of medical physics and clinical engineering services in the context of healthcare delivery.

Position statement: on the use of role titles such as 'Associate Physicist'

to describe scientists working as Medical Physicists and Clinical Engineers in clinical environments'

The Role of the Clinical Scientist in Medical Lasers and Optical Non-Ionising Radiation

The use of optical non-ionising radiation is well established in healthcare having valuable and diverse applications across most medical specialties and their varied applications continue to increase with the development of new novel treatments and diagnostic techniques.

The Role of the Clinical Scientist in Medical Ultrasound

The Clinical Scientist plays a vital role within the multidisciplinary team that develops and delivers ultrasound techniques with responsibilities that include equipment procurement, quality assurance, technique optimisation, device safety and staff training and education, as well as research and development activities.

Advice notice: on excretion factors

the percentage of administered radioactivity released to sewer for routinely used radiopharmaceuticals

The Role of the Clinical Scientist in Nuclear Medicine

Clinical Scientists in nuclear medicine are responsible for the design, optimisation and delivery of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. These procedures require high-level scientific and technical support for their safe and effective utilisation.

The role of the Healthcare Scientist in Rehabilitation Engineering Services

This document provides further detail on the types of services provided by Healthcare Scientists working in Rehabilitation Engineering and the roles of those working in this field.

Policy statement: On the recommendations for the provision of a Physics Service to Radiotherapy

The IPEM recommendations for the provision of a physics service to radiotherapy are recognised as a benchmark for minimum staffing guidance.