The role of the Healthcare Scientist in Rehabilitation Engineering Services

Rehabilitation Engineering is the application of engineering principles and technology in the
provision of services, research and innovation to meet the needs of individuals with
disabilities and long term conditions. It reduces environmental barriers, improves the
physical, mental and social abilities of a person with a disability and contributes to
therapeutic interventions and rehabilitative care in the management of long term conditions.

Healthcare Scientists (HCSs) provide services to patients. They develop and implement new
technologies, and drive improvements in service provision, in collaboration with many other
clinical disciplines. HCSs are uniquely placed to provide scientific and technical input into
these clinical settings due to their training in both engineering and clinical subjects such as
biomechanics and anatomy and physiology. This combination of skills and knowledge
benefits the patient by ensuring the right engineering solutions are prescribed to meet
clinical needs thus improving experience and outcomes whilst reducing risks and costs.