Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

Or SIGs as they are known, facilitate discussions, conferences and publications and lead on activity across a number of distinct areas of scientific or engineering endeavour. SIGs work across diverse areas of medical physics and clinical engineering and play a vital role in IPEM’s work by:

  • Planning and delivering a programme of scientific conferences and webinars
  • Producing publications such as guidance notes
  • Helping to shape our science strategy by monitoring the development and impact of new technology
  • Participation in consultations about policy, relevant legislation and standards
  • Supporting and encouraging relevant educational programmes
  • Communicating and discussing their work in the wider Communities of Interest

To join one of these SIGs you need to be a member and apply.



Get involved – Professional Communities of Interest 

All of our members and other interested professionals can join the conversations taking in their respective professional forums - our Communities of Interest

We encourage everyone to participate: You can suggest conference and publications topics, access library resources, ask questions, connect, initiate discussions or comment on posts.

You can join any of these professional communities at any time.