Academic Accreditation and Course Approval

IPEM accredits and approves academic courses in medical physics and biomedical engineering. There is a distinction between these grades and, depending on the process followed, a course provider will be entitled to use a specific IPEM logo on marketing and publicity materials.

IPEM Accreditation of degree programmes gives higher education institutions and prospective students confidence that courses meet the expected quality and learning outcomes required for a career in medical physics/clinical engineering.

Accreditation supports clinical scientists and technologists in their practice through the provision and assessment of education and training. Accreditation supports IPEM’s dedication to developing the next generation of medical physicists and clinical engineers. This accreditation scheme aims to ensure that graduates of accredited programmes are equipped with the knowledge and skills for the medical physics or clinical engineering workplace, be that in industry, healthcare, or academic environments. Accreditation gives confidence that the course meets strict suitability and quality criteria for providing education in this field.

IPEM also offer an approval process for external short courses and one day meetings as CPD activity for professionals.

Approval is an independent audit process that grants recognition by IPEM. Approval means that the course has a programme of relevant teaching activities that are suitable to meet the published aims and objectives. The training team continually promote relevant approved courses to trainees on the various IPEM training schemes and often include course dates for diaries in weekly news updates and on social media.

There is a fee for this process which must be paid to the IPEM office in advance of the accreditation or approval process.  For current accreditation fees, please contact the IPEM training department.