Clinical Technologist Training Scheme


Clinical technologist is not a protected title, and can be used by those working in a relevant post. 

There are several routes to training as a Clinical Technologist and IPEM offers the Clinical Technologist Training Scheme to facilitate this.

To enrol on the Clinical Technologist Training Scheme you will need:

  • At least two A levels, (preferably three) including a science subject
  • A minimum of a level four qualification in a relevant subject leading to a level 6 qualification at the end of your training

On enrolment, each trainee creates a bespoke training plan with their training centre coordinator and supervisor.

Moderators assess a trainees progress against the plan, through informal and assessed visits, with a Direct Observation of Practical Skills towards the end of the first year. Then a final assessment at the end of the second year is undertaken through a compiled portfolio of work and viva voce examination.

Our Clinical Technologist Training Scheme (TTS) offers:

  • a robust, externally validated education and training framework for clinical technologists
  • recognised, formal clinical technologist training, within the core scopes of practice, ensuring a workforce fit to practice
  • access to registration on the Register of Clinical Technologists (RCT)
  • a route for clinical technologists practicing outside of the core scopes of practice to achieve an IPEM diploma in clinical technology