Training Centre Accreditation

We offer accreditation to training centres who wish to enter candidates on to the IPEM Clinical Technologist Training Scheme specialising in Physics and Engineering in Health Care. In order for candidates to enrol on the training scheme, they must be employed within a training role at an accredited centre. 

If you wish to gain IPEM accreditation, training centres (or consortia) must:

  • be able to offer comprehensive training in each subject (Scope of Practice) applied for;

  • provide Training Supervisors, in each subject area (Scope of Practice), who are either Full Members of IPEM or of equivalent status;

  • employ at least two other clinical technologists, scientists or engineers working in the subject area (Scope of Practice); and

  • provide a moderator in each subject area (Scope of Practice). 

Training centres must demonstrate that there is good management for, and a commitment to training as well as an environment in which educational, skill and personal development can take place.

To apply for training centre accreditation, or to renew your existing accreditation, click here.