Cost of Living

Support for our members during the current Cost of Living crisis

Cost of Living

As the Cost of Living crisis continues to impact our members we've collated on this page the way in which your membership offers ongoing support to your career, and ways in which you may be able to save on your membership fee.

Career Breaks

IPEM recognises that members may wish or need to take an extended break from membership for a variety of reasons and that, during this career break, the time and resources for normal professional development opportunities are potentially limited. Members will maintain their original grade of IPEM membership at a reduced membership fee whilst taking an extended period of unpaid time away from work in order to balance their career with other commitments, responsibilities and interests. Whilst on a career break, members will retain the full benefits associated with their original grade of membership.

Read more: IPEM career break policy

Tax relief for member fee subscriptions

As an IPEM member you may be eligible to claim back tax relief on your annual subscription fee if being a member is a requirement to do your job or is relevant to your job. However, you must have paid the subscription fee yourself and not have been reimbursed by your employer. There are several requirements to be able to claim back this tax relief.

Each individual member should assess their own situation and decide for themselves whether they meet the criteria for claiming back this tax relief.

Key criteria:

  1. Professional bodies approved tax relief list
    Members should always check the most up to date list of approved professional bodies to ensure that the IOP remains on this list:
  2. Claim tax relief individual check
    Members should always complete the following questionnaire to ensure that they meet the requirements to claim tax relief. If you are eligible to claim the tax relief following completion of this questionnaire, you will be prompted to claim your expenses through HMRC’s website.

Retirement Membership

If you are leaving full time work but wish to keep your member benefits and stay connected to the fields of physics and engineering in medicine and the wider IPEM community, you may retain your existing membership at a discounted rate.

For full details visit the retirement page here.

Pay by monthly Direct Debits

Your membership fees can be split across 12 monthly Direct Debit payments in 2023 at no extra cost.

To update your payment information, please email

Please note that due to licensing agreements, those members with Professional Registrations with the Engineering Council or Science Council that are managed through IPEM will be required to pay those in one payment.

Reciprocal agreements

Members of the Institute of Physics (IoP) receive a 25% discount on their IPEM Membership.

The Physics Benevolent Fund

Applicants must be a member of IPEM, or the dependent of a member of the organisation to qualify.

In certain cases, the Trustees can consider funding for those who are eligible for membership of IPEM but unable to afford to take out membership at this time.

For full details of eligibility and how to apply visit The Physics Benevolent Fund | Institute of Physics (

Free Affiliate Membership for those seeking work

This is an option if you are:

  • An undergraduate student
  • A member of one or more similar organisations outside the UK
  • Someone with an interest in the application of physics and engineering to medicine.

To find out more visit IPEM | Affiliate Membership - IPEM