Winners of IPEM’s international journal prizes for 2023 announced


THE winning authors of two papers published in IPEM’s international journals have been announced.

The winner of the Martin Black Prize, for the best paper published in Physiological Measurement, was Dr Peter Charlton, an IPEM member and a British Heart Foundation Research Fellow at the University of Cambridge, where he specialises in the development of biomedical signal processing techniques to aid clinical decision making.

His paper was entitled ‘Detecting beats in the photoplethysmogram: benchmarking open-source algorithms’. You can read the award-winning paper here.

A paper entitled ‘Advances in heterostructured scintillators: toward a new generation of detectors for TOF-PET’ won the Roberts Prize for the best paper published in Physics in Medicine & Biology. You can read the award-winning paper here.

IPEM has four international journals, PM and PMB, which are published by the Institute of Physics Publishing, and Medical Engineering & Physics and IPEM-Translation, published by Elsevier.