Summer school for early career scientists

A SUMMER school is being held for early career professionals to explore new developments in medical physics.

The Mayneord-Phillips Educational Programme (MPEP), run by the Institute of Physics, IPEM and the British Institute of Radiology, is a forum to explore new developments in medical physics, enhance subject-knowledge and form long-term networks.

‘Advances in Sold State Detectors for Early Diagnosis’ is being held from 4 to 6 July at St Anne’s College in Oxford. It will provide an opportunity for Clinical Scientists, post-graduate students, post-doctoral researchers, and engineers and innovators working on product solutions in industry to develop their interest and expertise in an exciting, nascent topic.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Overview of the vast range of Silicon detectors
  • Beyond Silicon-New Semiconductor materials (e.g. CdTe, CZT, etc.)
  • Front-end Electronics for Spectroscopic Detectors
  • CZT-based HEXITEC Detectors developed by STFC and their Medical Applications
  • In silico-medicine: modelling of semiconductor detectors & imaging systems from 1st principles to in silico trials
  • Overview of Photon-Counting Detectors for x-ray imaging
  • Medical Applications of Medipix & Timepix Detector families developed by CERN
  • Inorganic Scintillators – Medical Imaging Applications, with emphasis on Molecular Imaging
  • Time-of-Flight PET (ultrafast imaging, 10ps resolution challenge, etc.)
  • Radiography and Mammography:basic detector technology, clinical applications, recent developments
  • APDs and SiPMs Detector technologies in Biomedical Imaging
  • Computed Tomography: basic detector technology, clinical applications, recent developments with emphasis on Photon-Counting Multi-Spectral CT
  • Quantum Imaging in Medical Imaging
  • Solid-State Detector Advances and Emerging Applications of PET-based Molecular Imaging (e.g. Total-body EXPLORER, NeuroEXPLORER Brain PE T, etc.)
  • Solid-State Detectors for novel SPECT Systems

Online registration is available until 24 June.

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