MPE certification: Assessment of portfolios


CONCERNS about the assessment of Medical Physics Expert (MPE) portfolios taking a long time to be assessed have been raised by IPEM.

Phil Morgan, IPEM’s Chief Executive Officer, recently met with the RPA2000 Board to discuss how the Institute can help and support to ensure MPE portfolios are assessed in a timely manner.

The meeting came after a number of members raised concerns over the significant periods of time being taken by RPA2000 to carry out the assessment.

RPA2000 assured IPEM they are addressing these concerns and are considering a number of ways to streamline the process and have published a statement on their website.

IPEM will continue to engage with RPA2000, and nominated MPE Assessors, in order to identify ways to support aspiring MPEs to achieve the robust portfolios described, with the aim of driving down assessment times, and ensuring the necessary throughput of experts into the profession.

Dr Robert Farley, IPEM’s President, said: ‘It’s good we have met with the RPA2000 Board to ensure assessments are carried out in a timely manner and reassuring that they are looking at ways to streamline the process.’

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