Cover of Physics in Medicine & Biology

Physics in Medicine & Biology

Published by the Institute of Physics Publishing Ltd on behalf of IPEM

The international journal of biomedical physics and engineering.


The development and application of theoretical, computational and experimental physics to medicine, physiology and biology. Topics covered are:

  • therapy physics (including ionizing and non-ionizing radiation)
  • biomedical imaging (e.g. x-ray, magnetic resonance, ultrasound, optical and nuclear imaging)
  • image-guided interventions
  • image reconstruction and analysis (including kinetic modelling)
  • artificial intelligence in biomedical physics and analysis
  • nanoparticles in imaging and therapy
  • radiobiology
  • radiation protection and patient dose monitoring
  • radiation dosimetry

Papers on physics with no obvious medical or biological applications, or papers which are almost entirely clinical or biological in their approach are not acceptable.