Cover of Physical Properties of Tissue: A Comprehensive Reference Book

Physical Properties of Tissue: A Comprehensive Reference Book

Published Institute of Physics & Engineering In Medicine: 2012: IPEM Report Series


This comprehensive data book, covering the physical properties of a wide range of normal tissues, was originally published in 1990, but has been out of print for many years. The IPEM has decided to make this unique book available in a print-on-demand version. It contains a total of 138 tables of the physical properties of tissue, including thermal, optical, acoustic (including ultrasonic), mechanical, dielectric and magnetic (including NMR) and those of ionizing radiations. Appendices on tissue pH and normal blood flow are included. For each property, values for body fluids, soft tissues and bone are included, together with predictive formulae and information on tissue mimics Dependencies on temperature, donor age, in-vivo or in-vitro state, constituents such as fat and water, time after death and state of fixation are given. The data is fully supported by extensive references. Since its publication, new studies have largely served to improve knowledge on normal ranges or have explored a particular property over a wider range of radiation or tissue type. The extensive range of values tabulated in this book remains valid, however, since it was originally selected from well-performed experiments, giving a reliable basic resource to which new observations continue to be added.