Volunteers wanted for European medical devices study


VOLUNTEERS are wanted for a study looking at the implementation of EURATOM and EU legislation about medical devices emitting ionising radiation.

IPEM has been approached by the study organisers IPSOS to see if any members with a suitable background in this area would be willing to contribute their expertise.

The focus of the study is on the functioning of the regulatory framework, ultimately about guaranteeing the quality and safety of medical radiation applications, mostly in the context of cancer diagnosis, treatment and management, including radiological imaging and radiotherapy.

Four volunteers are required, who are:

  • Expert in medical devices emitting ionising radiation (with professional experience in manufacturing, pre-market testing, auditing, and/or certifying medical devices);
  • Expert in medical physics (with professional experience in post-market quality control, acceptance and performance testing of medical devices emitting ionising radiation in clinical use);
  • Expert with previous experience in regulatory affairs within EU medical devices legislative framework (for example within medical devices competent authority/work as regulatory affairs personnel within a manufacturer or notified body);
  • Expert with previous experience in regulatory affairs within Euratom legislative framework for radiation protection of patients (within radiation protection competent authority or a technical support organisation for the competent authority).

The policy context for this is the EU’s SAMIRA Action Plan.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact communications@ipem.ac.uk in the first instance by 1 March.