Future Skills Commission

Future Skills Commission

Following the development of the Science Leadership Strategy and the Science Leadership Day in 2023 it was identified that IPEM had several challenges and responsibilities with regards the Future of our workforces, with a need for providing a platform and discussion forum to better understand, prioritise, design and develop the technical and professional workforce of physicists, engineers and technologists in medicine.

A new Commission, the Future Skills Commission is to be established which will deliver relevant actions to IPEM and other relevant bodies to achieve this goal. Ultimately leading to an increase in our offering to support the workforce and building our customer base.

The commission will, among other things, consider skills gaps (including multidisciplinary skillset and opportunities), discuss and consider changing technologies and outside factors which will affect the industry and consider the overall future clinical, academic and industrial settings for the workforce. Likely Actions could include amendments to existing training or new education provisions, policy and impact development work, guidance documents and engagement pieces.

We are currently looking for members of this commission if you are interested please review the Terms of Reference for this Commission as well as the accompanying discovery pack for more information. Interested parties can apply by completing the volunteer application form found here.

The deadline is 30th June.

If you have any questions relating to this new Commission or about the process for applying please contact Katherine Bunting, Director of Education and Professional Development via katherine@ipem.ac.uk