IPEM signs NHS Sexual Safety in Healthcare Charter


IPEM has become the latest signatory to a charter to tackle unwanted, inappropriate and harmful sexual behaviour in the workplace.

NHS England’s Sexual Safety in Healthcare Charter commits organisations who have signed it to a zero-tolerance approach to any unwanted, inappropriate and/or harmful sexual behaviours towards its workforce.

IPEM has now joined almost 170 other organisations, including Royal Colleges and other professional bodies, as well as scores of NHS Trusts, to sign the charter.

It commits signatories to a list of 10 principles and actions, including:

  • Actively working to eradicate sexual harassment and abuse in the workplace
  • Promoting a culture that fosters openness and transparency, and does not tolerate unwanted, harmful and/or inappropriate sexual behaviours
  • Taking an intersectional approach to the sexual safety of the workforce, recognising certain groups will experience sexual harassment and abuse at a disproportionate rate
  • Providing appropriate support for those in the workforce who experience unwanted, inappropriate and/or harmful sexual behaviours.  

IPEM is already a signatory to the Royal Academy of Engineering Diversity Concordat and the Science Council’s updated diversity declaration. IPEM also has an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion policy and extensive EDI action plan that covers all areas of the organisation.

Dr Anna Barnes, IPEM’s President, said: ‘Signing this charter demonstrates IPEM’s continuing commitment to inclusiveness, one of the three strategic values of the Institute.’

NHS Sexual Safety in Healthcare Charter