IPEM Launches MPCE Manifesto for the Next Government

Ahead of the 2024 General Election, IPEM has published a full manifesto for the future of medical physics and clinical engineering. The manifesto contains a number of key actions that the next Government must take to:

  • address the medical physics and clinical engineering workforce crisis
  • introduce statutory registration for clinical technologists
  • create the capacity for UK generation of medical radionuclides
  • ensure AI is deployed in the interests of patients
  • ensure environmental sustainability for future generations by investing in the long term.

After the election, the manifesto will be sent to all new Ministers, Shadow Ministers and all newly elected MPs after the election.

IPEM's manifesto builds on its ongoing public affairs work, which has recently seen a series of questions about medical physics and clinical engineering asked in Parliament and engagement with the Government around promoting apprenticeships to aid recruitment.

IPEM Manifesto For The Future Of MPCE