Apply for IPEM’s Low- and Middle-Income Countries award

MEDICAL physicists and clinical engineers working in low and middle income countries are invited to apply for an international award from IPEM.

The Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMIC) award recognizes the challenges the medical physics and clinical engineering community can face.

The award seeks to support future healthcare leaders in the field of physics and engineering in medicine from low and middle income countries.  It is particularly focused around supporting the development of professional activities within LMICs with an ambition to increase access to these services for future generations of physicists and engineers.

This year’s award was launched at the Science, Technology and Engineering Forum (STEF) in Glasgow.

Support grant

It provides free associate membership of IPEM for two years, mentoring support and a grant of £150 per annum.

The first LMIC award recipient was Dr Iyobosa Uwadiae, a medical physicist at University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria, and Secretary of the Nigerian Association of Medical Physicists. You can read about how she benefited from the award in the current edition of SCOPE magazine.

Dr Claire-Louise Chapple, IPEM’s Vice President International, said: ‘I would encourage anyone thinking of applying for the LMIC award to read Iyobosa’s story and see how she and the wider medical physics and clinical engineering community have benefited from it.’

The deadline for applications for the award is 30 April.

LMIC award
Scope spring edition