Member’s Name

Dr Alan Calverd MIPEM

Membership Number



  1. That, in his postings on the IPEM Communities of Interest on 10 July and 12 July 2021, the Member failed to conduct himself in an appropriate manner.
  2. That his postings amounted to a breach of and non-adherence with the “Respect Others” rule of the Community Rules & Etiquette and Privacy Guidelines (the rule at the first bullet point)
  3. That the matters outlined above amount to a breach of and non-adherence with Item 13 of the Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct: “Work in a collaborative and co-operative manner with colleagues and co-workers, recognising their particular contributions”.

Sanction applied by PCC Panel

That no action be taken save that the finding should be noted on the Member’s record for one year and may be raised only if relevant in subsequent Disciplinary proceedings concerning such Subject Member.