IPEM's main twitter account is @ipemnews ( and there are twitter accounts for SCOPE and some of the Special Interest Groups (SIGs):

@IPEM_UNIR_SIG - Ultrasound and Non-ionising Radiation SIG

@IPEM_NM_SIG - Nuclear Medicine SIG

@IPEM_MR_SIG - Magnetic Resonance Imaging SIG

@IPEM_RP_SIG - Radiation Protection SIG

@IPEM_RTSIG - Radiotherapy SIG

@REBSIG_IPEM - Rehabilitation Engineering & Biomechanics SIG

@IPEM_technet - Set up by the Technologists Advisory Group

@IPEMScope - Scope magazine’s Twitter account


@IPEMConferences - the National Office conference Twitter account


The official IPEM account is:


Social media guidelines

Social media guidelines

We have social media guidelines for members. For any questions about social media at IPEM, contact