Cover of Nanotechnology for Dentistry Applications

Nanotechnology for Dentistry Applications

Published by Institute of Physics Publishing : December 2021: Series: IPEM-IOP Series in Physics and Engineering in Medicine and Biology

Ashutosh Kumar Shukla

This volume presents the applications of nanotechnology to different fields of dentistry. Recognized dental specialities such as orthodontics, endodontics and prosthodontics have been covered in addition to general dentistry applications of nanotechnology. The book, in a comprehensive fashion, delves into such technologies as drug nanocarriers, nanomaterials, implants and other nanoparticle applications related to dentistry, and shows how these, in turn, will enhance therapeutic effects against dental bacteria and erosion. This book not only presents the current trends in dental therapies but also presents the current research trends and potential applications. A bottom-up approach has been mostly adopted to suit the need of a wide audience including novice researchers and post graduate students.