Current and Former Employees of IPEM

How we collect your data
We collect data about you in a variety of ways, starting at the point of recruitment where we will collect the data from you directly. This includes the information you would normally put in a CV or application form, and any cover letter. It also includes notes made by our selection panel during a selection interview. We collect further information directly from you when you complete forms at the start of your employment, for example, your bank, next of kin details and your health questionnaire. Other details may be collected directly from you in the form of official documentation such as your driving licence, passport or other right to work evidence.
We will collect data about you from third parties, such as employment agencies, if you come to us via an agency, and former employers when gathering references.

Purposes of the processing
Personal information which you supply will be used
• To carry out the employment contract that we have entered into with you
• To ensure you are paid, and that sick pay or maternity/paternity pay is correctly administered
• To ensure tax and National Insurance is paid
• To carry out checks in relation to your right to work in the UK
• To make reasonable adjustments for disabled employees.
• To make decisions about who to offer initial employment to, and subsequent internal appointments, promotions etc
• To make decisions about salary and other benefits
• To provide contractual benefits to you
• To maintain comprehensive up to date personnel records about you to ensure, for example, that we have correct contact points in the event of an emergency, and that we have up to date contact details for you at home, in case we need to write to you (for example if you are off sick, long-term)
• To effectively monitor both your conduct and your performance and to undertake disciplinary or capability procedures if the need arises
• To offer an appropriate complaint process for you against decisions made about you via a grievance procedure
• To assess your training needs
• To implement an effective sickness absence management system including monitoring the amount of leave and subsequent actions to be taken including management of statutory and occupational sick pay, and the making of reasonable adjustments
• To obtain expert medical opinion when making decisions about your fitness for work, and reasonable adjustments
• To manage statutory leave and pay systems such as maternity leave and pay etc
• To complete business planning and restructuring exercises
• To deal with legal claims made against us
• To prevent fraud
• To ensure our administrative and IT systems are secure and robust against unauthorised access
• To provide you with a company credit card

Legal basis for processing
The legal basis for processing this information is the performance of a contract

Data retention period
We will keep your HR record, including copies of recruitment paperwork, job descriptions, contracts of employment, appraisals, sickness absence, holiday, training, grievance and disciplinary records until termination of your contract + 6 years
We will keep all financial records, including payroll and payment of expenses for a period of 6 years to comply with our legal obligations.

Categories of personal data
• your personal details including your name, address, date of birth, email address, phone numbers
• your photograph
• marital status
• dependants, next of kin and their contact numbers
• medical or health information including whether or not you have a disability
• information included on your CV or application form, including references, education history and employment history
• documentation relating to your right to work in the UK
• driving licence
• bank details
• tax codes
• National Insurance number
• current and previous job titles, job descriptions, pay grades, pension entitlement, hours of work and other terms and conditions relating to your employment with us
• letters of concern, formal warnings and other documentation with regard to any disciplinary proceedings
• records of any grievance processes instigated by you
• internal performance information including measurements against targets, formal warnings and related documentation with regard to capability procedures, appraisal forms
• leave records including annual leave, family leave, sickness absence etc

Sharing and disclosure of personal information

We will also ask you for some special category personal data when you work at IPEM such as your ethnic origin, details of any disabilities, your religion or belief , your sexual orientation and gender identity as well as data which will give us information on social mobility and caring responsibilities.

It is not mandatory that you provide this data and you can choose what personal data you want to share.  The legal basis for this collection is your consent and we will use this data for diversity and inclusion monitoring and analysis.

Data Security

Only very few designated named people in the national office will have access to the special category data and they have signed data confidentiality agreements.  We will only share completely anonymised reports with other groups (for example workforce reports) and at no point will an individual answer be recognisable. 

Who we share your data with
We share some of your data with other organisations and individuals who process data on IPEM’s behalf (Data Processors). The use of the data we share is strictly limited, by contract, to those purposes.

IPEM Staff
Your data will be shared with colleagues within the organisation where it is necessary for them to undertake their duties. This includes, for example, your line manager for their management of you, the HR department for maintaining personnel records and the payroll department for administering payment under your contract of employment.

Workplace Pension Provider
Limited data will be shared with the pension provider so that we can provide this staff benefit

Income Protection Provider (Old Contacts)
Limited data will be shared with the pension provider so that we can provide this staff benefit

Company Credit Card Provider
Limited data will be shared with the company credit card provider so that we can provide this facility.

Personnel Consultant
Limited data may be shared with the personnel consultant we retain to give us up-to-date personnel advice.

With our IT Software & IT Support Service Providers
We share limited personal data with our IT and IT support Service Providers to ensure that you get the best possible service.