Refreshed radiotherapy manifesto launched


AN updated manifesto calling for a modern world class radiotherapy service in the UK has been supported by IPEM.

AXREM, the UK trade association representing the interests of suppliers of diagnostic medical imaging, radiotherapy, healthcare IT and care equipment including patient monitoring, launched the updated manifesto at the House of Commons to help raise awareness and visibility of the issues surrounding radiotherapy.

The manifesto highlights concerns around patient access to radiotherapy treatment, the age profile of the equipment and the need for significant investment in the service.

Expertise and dedication

Dan Baines, AXREM Radiotherapy Convenor, said: ‘My colleagues see and experience day in day out the issues facing radiotherapy departments and patients throughout the country. The expertise, passion and dedication present in NHS radiotherapy departments is immense, yet the ability to deliver world class leading radiotherapy is held back by lack of sustainable funding, no clear vision on the adoption of new techniques which impacts not only the radiotherapy workforce but also patient experience, outcomes and ultimately survival.

‘In this update of the manifesto we are calling for a change to improve cancer care and outcomes for everyone. We are not alone in recognising this need, if you look across the board at the charities involved in cancer this is a common theme and this manifesto adds to the weight of voice calling for better.’

IPEM has a memorandum of understanding with AXREM to share knowledge and bring industry, the NHS and academia together to deliver benefits for the wider profession of medical physics and clinical engineering.

Nicky Whilde, Chair of IPEM’s Radiotherapy Professional Standards Panel, who was at the launch of the manifesto, said: ‘We welcome the launch of AXREM’s radiotherapy manifesto, which highlights how important joint working is between manufacturers, professional bodies and the NHS to support the best possible treatment for patients having radiotherapy.

‘The manifesto sets out many objectives that IPEM have also been calling for, including centralised funding for replacement of large pieces of capital equipment in England.’

Improve cancer outcomes

Tim Farron MP, and Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Radiotherapy, said: ‘Radiotherapy is already established as the most cost effective, least invasive cancer treatment available. The radiotherapy industry will be responsible for taking this technology further and faster - saving the NHS vital cancer funding, making treatment more patient-friendly, and improving the UK's shocking cancer survival rates. I endorse the AXREM manifesto for radiotherapy so that these aims are made reality.’

Sally Edgington, AXREM’s Chief Executive Officer, said: ‘I am pleased we have been able to update the manifesto and again help raise awareness and visibility of the issues surrounding access to radiotherapy treatment, the age profile of the equipment available to patients and the need for some significant investment to ensure all cancer patients have access to the treatment they need.’

AXREM Radiotherapy Manifesto