Register of Trustees' Interests

The register of interests is completed by the Trustees of IPEM.  The register is made available here to provide information to the public about relevant interests that might influence the judgement and deliberations of these individuals.

Trustees 2021/2022 (click on the Trustee's name to open their Register of Interest document)

President - Robert Farley 
Immediate Past President - Professor Stephen O'Connor
Honorary Secretary (Independent) - Ms Valerie Joliffe
Honorary Treasurer (Independent) - Mr John Turner
Director, Professional & Standards Council - Mr Richard Stubbs
Director, Science, Research & Innovation Council - Dr Andrew Reilly
Member Trustee - Ms Claire Hardiman
Member Trustee - Mr Iain Threlkeld 
Member Trustee - Dr Benjamin Metcalfe
Independent Trustee - Ms Chelsea Roche
Independent Trustee - Jason Whilde
Independent Trustee - Justin Richards