Environmental Sustainability Group


Climate change and damage to the environment are of great concern and will be detrimental to peoples’ health and the care they need.  As scientists and engineers in healthcare, many IPEM members have expressed concern about the environmental damage caused by our work, our hospitals and our offices, and seek to contribute to mitigating this (more detailed information is available in the spring 2021 edition of SCOPE).

The IPEM Environmental Sustainability group has therefore been set up to reduce the environmental impact of IPEM, its members and their employers. 

Key aims

  • Promote environmental sustainability to and within medical physics and engineering
  • Engage and support members on environmental sustainability
  • Advise IPEM Trustees on environmental sustainability
  • Engage with others, including manufacturers and funding bodies, nationally and internationally on environmental sustainability

What can you do to improve environmental sustainability at work?

Use our action lists below to start making environmentally sustainable changes to your workplace
Estates and Green Spaces
Local Department
Meetings and Conferences
Trust Boards

Share what other trusts have done with your employer.

Give a talk or seminar on the topic to help find like-minded people (An example of some slides can be found here)

Promote, and view yourself, the e-learning for health module “Building a Net Zero NHS”

Let us know what else you have done via the Environmental Sustainability Community of Interest

Links to further information:

If you want to find out more there are a selection of links below. Please drop us a line via the Environmental Sustainability Community of Interest if you have other information you would like to see added:





Greener NHS website  https://www.england.nhs.uk/greenernhs/

NHS "How to produce a green plan"