SCOPE winter issue – deadline for articles

ARE you working on a project or have completed a project and think it would benefit the wider Medical Physics or Clinical & Biomedical Engineering community?

Would you like to showcase your work and share your ideas with others? If so, the SCOPE Editorial Advisory Board would really like to hear from you.

To ensure your award-winning magazine is filled with interesting, informative and valuable material whilst also maintaining high quality of content, we rely on your submissions!

SCOPE is distributed to around 4,600 IPEM members who are professionals working in healthcare, academia and industry.

At least one article is required from each of the following areas covering clinical practice developments (for example, new technology, techniques or related learning), leadership and management or topical issues to ensure that SCOPE is current, relevant and balanced (covering all areas and providing both breadth and depth).

Areas to feature

Please put forward your ideas/thoughts for a feature within the areas listed below(covering public and private institutions / industries):

1) Ultrasound and non-ionising

2) Radiation Protection

3) Clinical Engineering / biomedical engineering

4) Rehabilitation Engineering, biomechanics

5) Physiological Measurements

6) Clinical computing

7) Academia / Industry

Articles are welcome from all levels including trainees, junior, middle, senior and retired staff. If you have an idea for a feature article or even a series, then please do get in touch.

The submission deadline for the winter 2022 issue is Friday 14 October.

If you are interested in writing for SCOPE, please send an email to the Chair of the Editorial Advisory Board, so he can answer any of your queries. A pre-defined author guideline template can also be supplied.

SCOPE magazine