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Science Council letter to the Chancellor

IPEM has given its support to a Science Council-led letter to the Chancellor ahead of the spending review.

Along with 25 other professional bodies, IPEM has backed the letter to Chancellor Rishi Sunak about the impending spending review. The letter called for the Chancellor to:

  • Ensure consistent steady year on year rises in science funding, starting immediately to ensure credible progress towards the target of 2.4% of GDP by 2027
  • Remedy cuts to science programmes impacted by the reduction of ODA (Official Development Assistance), using funding from outside the reduced ODA budget
  • Secure further investment in science education, including technical education, ensuring a strong skills pipeline to support the UK’s ambition to be a science superpower.

The Institute ensured there were references made within the letter to the vital role played by healthcare scientists, clinical engineers and technologists in the response to Covid-19.

The letter was signed on behalf of IPEM by Phil Morgan, the Institute’s Chief Executive Officer.

Science Council letter