IPEM responding to plans for a new post-16 qualification


A NEW Baccalaureate-style qualification for 16 – 19-year-olds is the subject of a consultation which IPEM is responding to.

The Department for Education has launched the consultation on plans to introduce the Advanced British Standard (ABS) qualification framework over the next decade.

The qualification will:

  • Bring together technical and academic routes into a single framework, taking the best of A levels and T Levels
  • Increase the number of taught hours for all students
  • Require students to study maths and English to the age of 18
  • Offer greater breadth, increasing the average number of subjects students take post 16, with students able to choose a combination of bigger and smaller subjects
  • Have a clear offer for all students.

IPEM’s Professional and Standards Council is looking to respond to the consultation about its potential implications for those wanting to enter the medical physics and clinical engineering professions. The consultation closes on 20 March.

DfE consultation