IPEM closing Part II Training Scheme applications

IPEM has been reviewing how it can further support trainees seeking registration as a Clinical Scientist.

Earlier this year IPEM’s Professional and Standards Council approved redeveloping the current Part II Training Scheme into the Clinical Scientist Guided Training Scheme.

The Clinical Scientist Guided Training Scheme will build on the current Part II Training Scheme, continuing to make use of an IPEM appointed External Advisor, whilst the current requirements and application process will remain largely the same. We will be introducing:

  • A new induction day and opportunities to network throughout
  • Skills workshops supporting CPD and covering topics such as scientific report writing and critical reflection
  • Case Presenter sessions
  • Annual Reviews with External Advisors
  • Additional guidance and support in preparation for assessment by an HCPC approved body.

First cohort

Dr Jemimah Eve, IPEM’s Head of Workforce Intelligence and Training, said: ‘We will continue to support those already enrolled on the Part II Training Scheme, there will be no requirement for any of our trainees already on Part II to move over to the Clinical Scientist Guided Training Scheme, however, this opportunity will be available to them. We will also be closing applications to the Part II Training Scheme on 31 December 2022.

‘We are hoping to enrol the first cohort onto the Clinical Scientist Guided Training Scheme in 2023. As we continue to develop the scheme and get ready to enrol our first cohort, we will provide further information.

‘If you would like to be the first to hear more information and when the training scheme is ready to accept applications, please contact us at training@ipem.ac.uk.’

Part II Training Scheme