IPEM round table on Health and Social Care White Paper - ask your questions

On 11 February 2021, the Department of Health and Social Care published the White Paper Integration and innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all, which sets out legislative proposals for a health and care Bill.

Now IPEM is bringing together a diverse high level guest panel to discuss the government's recent White Paper on Health and Social Care, and in particular what it might mean for IPEM members and physicists, clinical and biomedical engineers and technologists in broader terms.


The panel will discuss how the White Paper might impact upon physicists, clinical and biomedical engineers and technologists generally, as well as some of the issues it raises, such as funding, service integration, registration and regulation, workforce planning, patient voice and whether now -with the pandemic still very much a live issue - is the right time to be considering such proposals.

The discussion will take place on the 14th April, and will subsequently be shared as a podcast and Scope magazine article in coming weeks.  


Guest panellists will include:

Angela Douglas MBE, Deputy Chief Scientific Officer for NHS England and NHS Improvement

Dr Anna Barnes, Principal Clinical Scientist – Medical Physics, Nuclear Medicine Department, University College Hospital, London


Robin Mark McDade, Advanced Specialist Clinical Technologist, Glasgow Royal Infirmary (and IPEM Technologist Training Scheme Lead)


Dr Robert Farley, Head of MPCE / Consultant Clinical Scientist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (and IPEM President-elect)

Nick Gulliver, Chief Technologist, Nuclear Medicine & PET-CT, King's College Hospital, London

Ask a question

 If you have a question about the White Paper and its implications you would like to submit for consideration, please do send to paul@ipem.ac.uk by mid-day, 13th April.



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