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'The ups and downs of machine learning for prosthetic control'

We are delighted that the third annual Peter Wells Memorial Lecture will be given by Dr Kia Nazarpour of the University of Edinburgh on the subject of “The ups and downs of machine learning for prosthetic control.”

With the increasing popularity of AI, machine learning is considered the most likely candidate to enable the control of next-generation multi-articulated prosthetic hands.

Dr Nazarpour will explore why it has been challenging to translate machine learning-based prosthetic control beyond the laboratory. Dr Nazarpour will offer a parallel human-learning prosthetic-control paradigm that offers much more flexibility than existing machine learning algorithms. With supporting early results, he will discuss why the development of human-in-loop machine learning for prosthetic control is possible and timely and how we have set out to achieve it.

Speaker: Kia Nazarpour 

Holds a Readership in Biomedical Artificial Intelligence (AI) at School of Informatics at The University of Edinburgh. His research is motivated by the potential of technology to restore function to individuals with disability. Kia holds an EPSRC Research Fellowship (Healthcare Technology Challenge Award, 2018-2023). He has authored over 120 peer-reviewed articles in peer-reviewed journals and conferences. His work has received many awards, including the UNESCO Netexplo 2018 award with citation “one of the most promising digital innovations with impact on society and business”. His PhD viva in 2008 was chaired by Prof Peter Wells.


Posted: Nov 12, 2020,
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