Update on the ongoing recognition of Medical Physics Experts with RPA2000


AN update on the ongoing recognition of Medical Physics Experts (MPEs) with RPA2000 has been given by IPEM.

Dr Carl Rowbottom, Director of IPEM’s Professional and Standards Council, has given the update on the current situation.

He said the Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC) statement on the recognition of MPEs requires individuals to meet the DHSC’s conditions for continued recognition, including continued education and professional development.

It was proposed to the Department that, rather than ensuring on-going competence and recognition by re-certification on a five-yearly basis, this would be assured by an annual audit of CPD activities.

This proposal, subject to a few modifications, has been approved by the DHSC, and will likely be in place from mid-2024 onwards, to provide for continuous certification of all current certificate holders.


When current certificates expire, new ones are expected to be re-issued by RPA2000 with no expiry date. A modest annual fee is likely to be charged to all certificate holders to remain on the list and it is expected certificate holders will be required to annually declare they are up to date in terms of both Scientific Knowledge and Practical Competence, through engagement in sufficient CPD activities at an appropriate level.

The IPEM RPA2000 Accreditation Working Party has proposed RPA2000 audit 2.5% of certified members annually to ensure they have carried out sufficient CPD activities appropriate to MPE status. The group continues to develop guidance on the audit process and appropriate documentation for the RPA2000 Management Board.

RPA2000 are expected to publish the necessary guidance as to what constitutes appropriate CPD and IPEM members will be informed when this is available. IPEM has requested that RPA2000 make this available at least six months prior to the first audit date.