Success for IPEM on new CPD guidelines for Medical Physics Experts

A CAMPAIGN by IPEM to update the guidelines on Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Medical Physics Experts (MPE) has been successful.

The Department of Health and Social Care has now accepted IPEM’s proposal on CPD for MPEs, which was submitted more than a year ago.

This means:

  • No portfolio submission or viva/interview will be required for on-going recognition
  • All MPEs must be registered with a professional body (IPEM, AUPRO or SRP) for CPD purposes (this is free for IPEM Full Members and Fellows)
  • Continuing competence will then be assessed by CPD audit with 2.5 per cent of MPEs being audited annually

Professional bodies will have to write guidance as to what constitutes appropriate CPD, and IPEM aims for this to be done by the end of 2022.

The intention is for a ‘trial run’ to be held in 2023 of an audit to facilitate members in identifying if their CPD activities will need to change. If this is successful, the scheme will go live for the 2024 CPD audit.

Dr Robert Farley, IPEM’s President, said: ‘This is a great success for IPEM and it is a credit to everyone concerned that such perseverance has finally paid off.

‘This will be of huge benefit for all MPEs and I look forward to this scheme going live.’