New look for IPEM

IPEM has launched its new brand identity, designed to guide and inspire the creation and delivery of bold, dynamic, clear and consistent brand communications for the real and digital worlds.

The new identity includes refreshed logo, typography, sonic brand and tone of voice, and is designed to aid understanding of who we are as a representative group of professionals, what drives our professional practice and how we wish to engage with the wider world.


Phil Morgan, CEO, IPEM

Philip Morgan, CEO, IPEM said:

"IPEM is a learned society and professional organisation for physicists, clinical and biomedical engineers and technologists working in medicine and biology for the public good. Our organisational values are to be Trusted, Inclusive, and Progressive, and our new brand identity helps reinforce this. Using our brand consistently internally and externally will enable us to speak to our audience in a unified voice and cut through with the messages that matter to our members, partners and stakeholders, and of course the wider public."

Stephen O'Connor, President, IPEM

Stephen O'Connor, President, IPEM agreed:

" Values such as trusted, inclusive and progressive, are not just words, or aspirations. These are the personal and professional values we bring to life through how we act, how we speak and how we look. They are the values that we apply to our work, our communications and our appearance. In an increasingly digital age a new brand that allows us to do this is imperative, and I believe this bold identity can help position IPEM for the future."

IPEM logo and tone of voice

The new identity has seen the development of our adaptive living device, inspired by the orbital shape of a quantum representation of our previous electron. It is known in-house as our 'Shape of Things to Come' and is an expressive, living device that evolves and adapts to allows our brand to live effectively in both the real and digital world.

Paul Barrett, who leads IPEM's Communications team said:

"the new brand identity gives us an attractive, modern, flexible framework within which to present and share the fantastic work of our members, and to raise the issues that matter to them and to the wider professions and the public. The way that we talk is a reflection of who we are. We are passionate about what we and our members do, so it is important to communicate it in a clear, concise and professional way as well as always being open, honest and accessible. Our stakeholders work across multiple sectors and industries so it is essential that our brand identity does the same. "


The new brand will be rolled out gradually across communications channels and platforms including member updates, Scope magazine, social media channels, website and more over coming weeks and months.