IPEM sponsors new prize

A NEW prize introduced by the British Nuclear Medicine Society is being sponsored by IPEM.

The BNMS Physics Prize, new for spring 2023, will be open to proffered papers submitted for the BNMS Annual Spring meeting.

The new award, which includes £300 prize money, will be open to all proffered papers on topics including:

  • All aspects of radiation protection (dose assessment, work practice etc)
  • Monte Carlo method
  • Image/dose optimisation
  • Equipment/software assessment and characterisation
  • Novel techniques/image analysis

Phil Morgan

Phil Morgan, IPEM's Chief Executive Officer, said: 'I'm delighted we are sponsoring this award. It supports our core activities, our soon to be published Science Leadership Strategy and continues to demonstrate our commitment to working collaboratively with partners across the healthcare science sector.'

BNMS Physics Prize