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Dates: 01/09/2023, 00:00 - 31/08/2024, 00:00
Venue: University of Glasgow
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University of Glasgow - MSc Medical Physics

The aim of this programme is to provide an understanding of the application of physics and technology to a range of disciplines within medical physics at a level appropriate for a professional physicist and to equip you for employment in a clinical environment.

A key strength of this programme is that you will be taught mostly by physicists working in the NHS.
Due to the large size of the NHS medical physics department in Glasgow, all mainstream areas of medical physics are covered along with some specialised fields.

For example we have expertise in:

Ionising radiation
Leading researchers in MRI
Specialist sections in PET Scanning
Accredited with the Institute of Physics & Engineering in Medicine (IPEM), the UK professional body for medical physicists.

The department has access to:

1.5, 3 and 7 Tesla MRI
a cyclotron
dedicated SPECT
its own radioisotope dispensary
PET scanning

Your lecturers are operating at the forefront of the profession with a balance of research and clinical practice, perfect for studying medical science.

The research component of this programme allows you to develop valuable skills for practising and interpreting research.

We draw on expert resources within the wider university for content on anatomy, statistics and data analysis.


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