Clinical Scientist

Is Route 2 different to STP equivalence route?


'Route 2' is operated by the Association of Clinical Scientists, and individuals submit a portfolio demonstrating how they meet the ACS competencies. You can read more about 'Route 2' here.

The Academy of Healthcare Science (AHCS) runs an equivalence scheme based on Good Scientific Practice and the curriculum for the Scientist Training Programme. The principle is that you must demonstrate equivalence to the range of learning achieved during STP.

Once again, a portfolio of evidence must be submitted to the AHCS that demonstrates how you meet these standards. If this is satisfactory you will be called to assessment interview after which, if successful, you will be awarded a “Certificate of Equivalence” from the Academy for Healthcare Science. This also confers eligibility to apply to join the HCPC register of Clinical Scientists (which will allow you to work as a Clinical Scientist).

You can find out more information about the requirements of STP Equivalence on the AHCS website.