SCOPE is the Institute's quarterly members' magazine, published in spring, summer, autumn and winter. SCOPE is your magazine and to ensure it is filled with interesting, informative and valuable material, it relies on submissions by members and non-members. Articles are welcome from all levels including trainees, junior, middle and senior staff. 

If you are interested in writing for SCOPE or have any enquiries contact the Editor Rob Dabrowski, or Usman Lula, the Chair of the SCOPE Editorial Advisory Board, or any of the Commissioning Editors. They will answer any queries you may have. Don’t forget that your submission will count towards CPD.

If you are interested in advertising in SCOPE please see the 2021 Rate Card and contact James Rundle at Redactive.


Highlights of autumn 2021 issue

Author  Title 

Chris Hopkins, Tony Fisher, Paul White, Fred Mendonca, 
Pawan Ghildiyal, Peter Bill, Claire Greaves, Frank Mills

Airborne Transmission                                          

Angela Douglas MBE       
MPEC 2021: Why this matters to me
Stuart Barton Equipment Tracking and Covid-19

Tania Oliveira Hackl, Bärbel Beyer, Johannes Sailer, 
Phillip Peloscheck, Martha Hoffmann, Clara Ferreira   

Prostate Cancer Imaging

Graham Henderson, Michael Dolan

Clinical Environmental Control in the age of Alexa

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