The Jack Perkins Prize  


Jack Perkins joined the Royal Air Force in 1937. Following a period as a lecturer at the radio school at Cranwell, he served in India and Burma installing and maintaining communications equipment. On leaving the RAF, he secured a post as head of the electronics laboratory at the National Institute for Medical Research at Mill Hill, London.

Jack attended the First International Conference on Medical Electronics in Paris in 1958.  In the following years he was instrumental in establishing the Biological Engineering Society, and was a member of its first Council. With the untimely death of Alfred Nightingale in 1962, Jack took over the role of Honorary Secretary. He held this position until 1968, relinquishing it only to serve as President for the following two years. From 1963 to 1965, Jack also served as President of the International Federation for Medical Electronics and Biological Engineering. 

When the Biological Engineering Society launched Journal of Biomedical Engineering in 1979, Jack was invited to be the first editor. The journal was later renamed Medical Engineering and Physics. Sadly, Jack died in February 2000. To acknowledge the contribution Jack made to bioengineering, a prize is presented annually for the best paper published in Medical Engineering and Physics. 

The prize, up to £250, shall normally be made annually for the best scientific paper published in each volume of the Journal and awarded jointly to the editorial team.  The team shall nominate one member to attend the Annual Scientific Meeting to receive the award.

Those papers eligible for consideration for a prize will be determined by the Publisher based on scores received from the referees.

Those manuscripts eligible for a prize will be sent to all members of the Editorial Board who will rank order in terms of quality of scientific content and interest.

The Editor of the Board will be responsible for receiving the rank ordered lists and making recommendation of the prize winner to the Chair of Publications Committee.

The Chair of Publications Committee will inform the Awards Committee of the decision. This shall be done in time for Council to ratify the decision, and the winner invited to attend the IPEM Medical Physics & Engineering Conference (MPEC) in September.  The assessment process will begin once the make up of the final issue of the volume is known.

The prize winner will have free attendance at the MPEC for one day, free attendance at the Annual Dinner and free accommodation for one night. The prize winner is responsible for their own travel costs to attend the Conference.

Further information requests should be sent to Marie Goodall at the IPEM Office, York.

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