The Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering (MPACE) accreditation programme

Latest (October 2019): Two NHS Trusts have become the first to receive accreditation under the new MPACE programme - read more here

In the spring of 2017, IPEM, NHS England and the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS) released a joint statement regarding the Improving Clinical Engineering and Physical Science Services (iCEPSS) initiative. UKAS then released a call for potential pilot sites and specialisms. This was a long-awaited step forward for a project that started in 2013.

The decision to base the accreditation on BS70000 provided a route to wider standardization of the accreditation of healthcare science services.

In the summer of 2017 a webinar was held to launch what is now known as the Medical Physics and Clinical Engineering (MPACE) accreditation programme.

There are a number of documents and links to view in relation to MPACE:


Dr Peter Jarritt, former IPEM President, is chair of the UKAS MPACE Technical Advisory Committee.

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