Scope magazine winter 2021 issue - deadline for articles

Have you devised a ‘technique’ or a ‘workflow’ that could significantly benefit the Medical Physics or Clinical & Biomedical Engineering community?

Are you using a ‘technology’ that could equally benefit the wider community? Or perhaps you have moved into Medical Physics / Clinical Engineering from another sector and have ideas to bring you would like to share with the MPCE community?

If so, the Scope Editorial Advisory Board would like to hear from you. The theme for the Dec 2021 issue of Scope will be ‘Technologies, Techniques & Workflows’ and can be applies to all areas below. 

1)    Radiotherapy

2)    Nuclear Medicine

3)    Diagnostic Radiology

4)    MRI

5)    Ultrasound and non-ionising

6)    Radiation Protection

7)    Clinical Engineering / biomedical engineering

8)    Rehabilitation Engineering, biomechanics

9)    Physiological Measurements

10)  Clinical computing

11)   Academia / Industry


 Scope is an awards-shortlisted publication which relies on submissions to create its high quality content. Scope is distributed to approx. 4,700 IPEM members working in healthcare, academia and industry each quarter.

Articles are welcomed from all levels including trainees, junior, middle, senior and retired staff. If you have an idea for a feature article or even a series then please do get in touch.

The submission deadline for Scope Winter 2021 issue is set to Friday 15th October, 2021

If you are interested in writing for IPEM Scope magazine, please email Usman Lula, Chair of the Scope Editorial Advisory Board at ( who can answer any queries. A pre-defined author guideline template can also be provided.

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