RCT Clinical Computing Pilot – Volunteers Needed!

The growth of Clinical Computing

As the healthcare science workforce changes and develops, the use of computer-based medical devices is increasing rapidly across fields such as digital radiology, radiotherapy planning and delivery, nuclear medicine and physiological measurement. The growing benefits of tomography, first with X-ray CT, then PET and Optical (OCT) techniques, together with MRI scanning systems, all depend upon computers. Whilst Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) can then make the collected images readily accessible to clinicians.

Opening up routes to registration with RCT

In response to workforce demand IPEM has completed the development of a new clinical computing scope of practice to facilitate voluntary registration of those working in the field with the Register of Clinical Technologists (RCT). We are now ready to pilot test the scope to ensure it is fit for purpose before it can be offered to those working in relevant posts. We are therefore looking for volunteers to participate in the pilot.

Iain Threlkeld, Registrar, RCT Iain Threlkeld, RCT Registrar said:

“ It’s always exciting to consider why a particular profession might needs a registration home with the RCT, and we are pleased to have developed this scope for Clinical Computing. Whether for public protection; the changing profile of an existing profession or the emergence of a new one, it’s a reflection of the dynamic and changeable environment our members operate in.”


Volunteers must work in clinical computing (the management of computer systems, not software development), hold a relevant degree and NOT currently be registered with the RCT. They will be required to put together a portfolio of evidence which must comprehensively address the scope of practice. An evidence matrix will be supplied and all standards on the evidence matrix must be referenced within the portfolio.

Those successfully completing the pilot scheme will gain RCT registration. As a thank you for participating in the process, applicants will have the application fee waived.

If you would like to get involved in the pilot contact us for further details:


Posted: Jul 15, 2021,
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