Apprenticeships offer structured training with an employer and lead to nationally recognised qualifications.



What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are offered by individual NHS hospitals, and you would need to apply for them like you would do for any other job. They provide a good opportunity to earn money and achieve some nationally recognised qualifications at the same time. You may be offered further training and a permanent employment position at the end of the apprenticeship period. There are apprenticeships for those who are Post GCSE level or equivalent, post A Level or equivalent or post degree level.

The great news is that IPEM Membership is free for all apprentices (Associate Level) and this is a great time to start your relationship with us! More information about IPEM membership and the benefits it can have for your career can be found here.

How do you know if an Apprenticeship is for you?

If you can say ‘yes’ to the following, then an apprenticeship could be for you:

  • You are good at science and technology.
  • You can put people at ease and are caring.
  • You can concentrate for long periods and pay attention to detail.
  • You enjoy using your expertise to ensure complicated equipment and treatments work correctly – and that your work helps save lives.

How do you find an apprenticeship?

The official NHS jobs website lists ALL NHS based jobs including apprenticeship and Trainee jobs: (make sure you search widely for different options / job titles / names).

There are integrated degree apprenticeships leading directly to registration as a Healthcare Sciences Practitioner (medical physics or engineering), as well as Assistant and Associate healthcare science.

The UCAS website is a searchable feature for apprenticeships 

The website also has more general information about apprenticeships and started listing some degree level apprenticeships.

Detailed information about all Healthcare Science apprenticeships including those in medical physics and engineering can be found at

George Stewart

Read about George Stewart's journey – Apprentice Radiotherapy Engineer

Bradie Cunningham

Braidie Cunningham - Degree level apprentice at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

Ciaran Jones

Ciaran Jones - Apprenticeship at the University Hospital North Midlands in Stoke on Trent