People who make a complaint to the RCT

How we collect this data
We collect data about you in a variety of ways, starting at the point of your letter/email to us where we will collect the data from you directly. We also update this data through your subsequent contact with us.

Purposes of the processing
Personal information which you supply will be used
• To acknowledge your complaint
• To investigate your complaint
• To provide a response to your complaint

Legal basis for processing
We process your information under the legitimate interest basis for processing.

Legitimate Interest
People who make complaints expect this processing to take place so that they can have a response to their complaint.

Data retention period
We will keep a detailed record of your complaint until one year after the closure of the case + 1 year. We will keep a summary record of the complaint permanently

Categories of personal data
Personal Details
• Your name
• Your address (if provided)
• Email address (if provided)
• Your complaint

Who we share your data with

With our IT Software & IT Support Service Providers
We share your personal data that we hold with our IT and IT support Service Providers to ensure that you get the best possible service