IPEM Members

How we collect your data
We collect data about you in a variety of ways, starting at the point of recruitment where we will collect the data from you directly via an application form and supporting documents. You have the opportunity to add to this base data, either using our website portal or contacting the office. We also update this data through your subsequent contact with us, including but not limited to, volunteering opportunities that you have applied for and events that you have attended.

Purposes of the processing
Personal information which you supply to us may be used in a number of ways
• To administer your membership.
• To administer re-grades of membership
• To administer the annual renewal of your membership
• To send you newsletters and updates.
• To send you Scope, the IPEM membership magazine.
• To send you details of re-grading opportunities
• To send you details of meetings, conferences and events that we think you may be interested in.
• To send you details of products or services that we think you may be interested in.
• To send you details of committees, working groups, networks that you may be interested in
• To contact you about and administer complaints.
• To contact you about and administer disciplinary conduct hearings
• To provide anonymised workforce data to government and other policy makers.
• To provide other members with your contact details in the Membership Directory (unless you opt out)

Legal basis for processing
We process your personal data, with the exception of financial information under the legitimate interest basis for processing.
Financial information is processed under the legal basis for processing.

Legitimate Interest
Members expect this processing to take place so that they can receive the published membership benefits. Members are provided with the option to opt out of marketing materials.

Data retention period
We will keep hard or scanned copies of your application form, while you remain an IPEM member plus 2 years.
In addition we will keep a record of your personal details, membership and financial history on our CRM database while you remain an IPEM member; or if you have any other relationship with IPEM (e.g. customer) until we have no longer a legal basis for processing this data.
We will keep financial information of our finance system for 6 years in accordance with our legal obligations.

Categories of personal data
We will keep the following categories of personal data:
Personal Details
• Name
• Post Nominals
• Home Address
• Work Address
• Home Email Address
• Work Email Address
• Home Telephone Number
• Work Telephone Number
• Mobile Telephone Number.
• Name of Employer
• Employer Address
• Date of Birth
• Gender
• Professional Information
• Interest Information

Membership Information
• Membership History.
• Membership Application Form & Supporting Documents
• Membership Invoices and Payment information

Sharing and disclosure of personal information

We will also ask you for some special category personal data such as your ethnic origin, details of any disabilities, your religion or belief , your sexual orientation and gender identity as well as data which will give us information on social mobility and caring responsibilities.

It is not mandatory that you provide this data and you can choose what personal data you want to share.  The legal basis for this collection is your consent and we will use this data for diversity and inclusion monitoring and analysis.

Data Security

Only very few designated named people in the national office will have access to the special category data and they have signed data confidentiality agreements.  We will only share completely anonymised reports with other groups (for example workforce reports) and at no point will an individual answer be recognisable. 

Who we share your data with
We share some of your data with other organisations and individuals who process data on IPEM’s behalf (Data Processors). The use of the data we share is strictly limited, by contract, to those purposes.

With our Scope Publisher/Mailing House Provider
We share your name and preferred membership address (Home or Work) with our mailing house so that Scope, our membership magazine, can be delivered to you. We also share your email address so that Scope can send you send you details of products or services that we think you may be interested in.

With our Marketing and Bulk Email Provider
We share your name and preferred email address to our e-mail marketing provider, so that we can send you the newsletters; updates; details of up-coming meetings, conferences, or events that you might be interested in; and details of products or services that we think you might be interested in.

With other IPEM Members via the Members Directory
We share your name, job title, region, city, county, country, organisation, post nominals, role, 1st Area of Operation and 2nd Area of Operation with other members via the Members Directory, unless you opt out of this.

With IPEM Membership Registrars ((IPEM Volunteers)
We share your name, the name of your employer, your professional information (e.g., your registration information) and your supporting application documentation (e.g., your report of training and experience and your verified certificates) with Membership Registrars so that they can assess your application for membership and applications for membership re-grading.

With our Survey Software Provider
We share your name and preferred email address to our survey provider, so that we can send you surveys regarding IPEM Membership, Workforce and other related items. The results of the survey will also be stored by our Survey Software Provider.

With our Community of Interest Software provider
We share your name, home & work addresses, email address, home, work and mobile telephone numbers and any opinions you express on the platform to our Community of Interest software provider, so that you can share information easily with other Members.

With our IT Software & IT Support Service Providers
We share your personal data that we hold with our IT providers and IT support Service Providers

Transfer of Personal Data to a Third Country
The controller has shared your personal data in a third country (Community of Interest provider based in the USA), but with the safeguards of a standard data protection clause adopted by the Commission.