Former IPEM Clinical Scientist Part 1 Trainees

The Clinical Scientist Part 1 Training Scheme is now closed
How we collect your data
We collected your data in a variety of ways, starting at the point of application where we l collected the data from you directly. You had the opportunity to add to this base data, either using our website portal or contacting the office. We also update this data through your subsequent contact with us, including but not limited to the annual renewal process.

Purposes of the processing
Personal information which you supply will be used to:
• To keep evidence of competence

Legal basis for processing
We process your personal data, under the legitimate interest basis for processing.

Legitimate Interest
Former trainees expect this processing to take place so that they can have a permanent record of their training

Data retention period
We will keep hard or scanned copies of your application and training records in perpetuity.
In addition we will keep a basic record of your personal details, training and financial history on our CRM database.
We will also keep a record of your financial history on our finance system for 6 years in accordance with our legal obligations.

Categories of personal data
The categories of personal data that we process are:
Personal Details
• Name
• Home Address
• Work Address
• Home Email Address
• Work Email Address
• Home Telephone Number
• Work Telephone Number
• Mobile Telephone No
• Employer
• Employer address
• Date of Birth
• Gender
• Professional Information (optional)
• Interest Information (optional)

Training Information
• Training history
• Training application form & supporting documents
• Training Invoices and Payment
• Training portfolio
• Examiners Reports
• Appeal records

Who we share your data with
We share some of your data with other organisations and individuals who process data on IPEM’s behalf (Data Processors). The use of the data we share is strictly limited, by contract, to those purposes.

With our IT Software & IT Support Service Providers
We share your personal data that we hold with our IT and IT support Service Providers to ensure that you get the best possible service.