Treating the body with light Science and Scientists leaflet

TREATING the body with light is the latest in IPEM’s ‘The Science & The Scientists’ series of leaflets and posters.

The series aim to explain the science behind some commonly used medical treatments and introduce the scientists, engineers and technicians responsible for developing and delivering them.

They are aimed at the interested public and are also used by IPEM members in a variety of outreach activities and in their departments.

Treating the body with light is the eighth leaflet in the series and it explains how ultraviolet phototherapy is used as a method of treating a wide variety of skin disorders, such as eczema, psoriasis and vitiligo.

It was developed by IPEM’s Ultrasound and Non Ionising Radiation Special Interest Group and the leaflet and poster are available to download. Hard copies can also be ordered by contacting

Treating The Body With Light Leaflet
Treating The Body With Light A3 Poster