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First patients treated with MRI-Linac wins journal citations prize

A PAPER describing the first patients to be treated with a high-precision MRI guided radiotherapy treatment has won its authors the 2020 Physics in Medicine & Biology (PMB) citations prize.

PMB is one of IPEM’s three international journals and this annual prize recognises the PMB paper that received the most citations in the preceding five years.

The paper: First patients treated with a 1.5 T MRI-Linac: clinical proof of concept of a high-precision, high-field MRI guided radiotherapy treatment, described the procedure carried out at the Universitair Medisch Centrum in Utrecht in the Netherlands.

It was first published in PMB in 2017 and describes how four patients with lumber spine bone metastases were treated with a 3 or 5 beam steap-and-shoot IMRT plan. The IMRT plan was created while the patient was on the treatment table and based on the online 1.5 T MR images.

The PMB citations prize is marked with the presentation of the Rotblat medal, named in honour of Sir Joseph Rotblat, PMB’s second and longest-serving editor.

IPEM has three international peer-reviewed journals, PMB and Physiological Measurement, which are published by the Institute of Physics Publishing, and Medical Engineering & Physics, published by Elsevier.

MRI-Linac paper