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Dates: 01/12/2023, 00:00 - 01/12/2024, 12:00
Venue: PET-CT Academy
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Essentials of PET-CT for Radiographers and Clinical Technologists

Essentials of PET-CT is a comprehensive introductory course for recently qualified Radiographers and Technologists to prepare them for their new role within a PET-CT service.

Key Learning Outcomes

• Understand the role radiographers and technologists play within a PET-CT service, other department roles and how best to collaborate with them.
• Develop knowledge of the safe and effective use of FDG.
• Understand how to manage and administer medicines.
• Learn how to manage and deliver quality patient care.

Course Progression

After successfully completing the Essentials of PET-CT course, candidates can progress onto the Essentials of PET-CT: Scenarios and Solutions and Beyond FDG: Other radioisotopes and radiopharmaceuticals used in PET-CT courses.

The Scenarios and Solutions course develops participants’ problem-solving skills to find effective positive working solutions to many common issues experienced in PET-CT departments in an interactive workshop. Further details can be found on page 10.

The Beyond FDG e-learning course enhances radiographers’ and technologists’ knowledge about lesser-known alternatives to 18-FDG.

Key Learning Outcomes

Participants will gain further insights of how to solve various issues through shared experiences and prior knowledge gained from their roles and working in different departments. As a result, each course is unique due to the different contributions and merits each candidate brings to the course. To get the best out of the day a high level of participation is required from everyone involved.


The Essentials of PET-CT e-learning course (Page 8) is a mandatory pre-requirement for all candidates. It is possible to book both courses collectively and complete the e-learning course before attending the Scenarios and Solutions workshop, providing bookings are received at least one month before the course.

Course Details