Special Interest Groups

IPEM's Special Interest Groups play a vital role in IPEM as they oversee scientific activity in a particular area of physics and engineering in medicine.  There are currently 10 Special Interest Groups which are reflected in our equivalent Communities of Interest where activities are communicated and discussed.  We are looking for volunteers on all SIGs:

Clinical Engineering, Clinical and Scientific Computing, Diagnostic Radiology, MRI, Nuclear Medicine, Physiological Measurement, Radiation Protection, Radiotherapy, Rehabilitation Engineering and Ultrasound and Non Ionising Radiation.

We are looking for a wide range of SIG members to ensure a diverse group. The SIGs are meant to represent the whole profession and shape the professional environment for everyone involved.  This means we welcome:

  • All levels of seniority and age (from Trainees to Heads of Departments)
  • All training backgrounds (Apprentice and Technologists Training schemes, STP / NHS, Overseas, people with more unusual career pathways)
  • A diverse group of members
  • Different work places (industry, university, NHS and private)

Please note that the application deadline for 2022 has passed.  Other volunteer applications are still open until the 20 June.