Short Course Renewal Application

In order to renew your Short Course Approval, please complete the below renewal form. You will need to submit this with a purchase order, no less then six weeks prior to the expiry of the approval.

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Outline the basic aims of the course and, where appropriate, history of its development

Please give details of education/professional background of intended students

Further guidance about FHEQ levels can be found at:

Briefly, FHEQ 4-6 cover undergraduate levels, FHEQ 7 covers masters level and FHEQ 8 is for doctorate and peer publication level

Please give details of entry requirements and any special conditions required

How many study hours is each student expected to spend (including class time)

e.g. certificate of attendance

Applications cannot be processed without a PO. Accepted file formats are PDF, DOCX, PNG, JPG and GIF.

Any documents you wish to submit, such as changes to timetables, course structure, etc. Accepted file formats are PDF, DOCX, PNG, JPG and GIF.

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